Proton and JoorsChain announce collaboration

The two blockchain companies Proton and JoorsChain announce that they have the intend to enter in an extensive cooperation.

One of the aspects the companies intend to cooperate in is the joint development of blockchain based functionalities (e.g. dApps) in the ad tech space. This would include, but not be limited to, DMP functionality and other related DRM and GDPR functions, on chain storage of transaction history, transparency of “creative” on blockchain. Other than that, the companies would jointly and individually promote the other company in earned, own and bought media channels, as well as in their own communities and in other direct and indirect commercial relations with for example advertisers, publishers, ad networks and mobile operators. Finally, the companies will jointly evaluate a common strategy to increase the usage and value of the companies’ respective tokens.

Proton is a public chain that is dedicated to data fusion and collaboration. It builds the fundamental infrastructure for data security and high-efficiency data collaboration processing across various data sources, unleashing the real potential of big data and artificial intelligent applications on different industries. With freeing the data from silos, from a single online shop to the IoT industry giants can break through their bottle neck of lacking valid data samples and insufficient recognition of data via “Proton Inside”.

JoorsChain, founded in December 2017, is known for being founded by established companies in the mobile operator and ad tech space. These companies already have a significant existing user base in the digital advertising and mobile industry, which, through the JoorsChain platform (the ”JoorsChain Protocol”), will be migrated to blockchain technology based solutions. With its global reach it is well positioned for an easy technology rollout, disrupting the currently inefficient and fraud-plagued digital advertising industry.

Proton and JoorsChain are both active in the AdTech industry and have complementary products and share a common vision to re-use each other’s products within existing business and new business going forward. Furthermore, the two companies are complementing each other in different markets, where Proton has an excellent footprint in China and south east Asia and JoorsChain has the same in Europe, Africa and Americas.

“This is a very strategic cooperation for JoorsChain as it strengthens our technological edge but also gives us a solid partner in China and South East Asia. It will be an important stepping stone for us into these markets. We are really looking forward to work with Proton” says Stefan Arenbalk, Chief Strategy Officer at JoorsChain.

“We see JoorsChain as a very important partner for Proton. Technology and data will be our major areas of focus. We both firmly believe blockchain and data combined together will largely upgrade the existing digital marketing ecosystem, with strong data support from JoorsChain in Africa and Europe, this day will come faster” says Hanson Lee, CEO of Proton.

Contact JoorsChain AG
Contact Person: Boris de Bruin
Phone: +31 6205 37 445
Country: Switzerland

Contact Proton Global Foundation Ltd
Contact Person: Adam Zhao
Phone: +86157 1289 6282
Country: Singapore