MediaLink and JoorsChain announce collaboration

MediaLink and JoorsChain have announced that they intend upon cooperating. The 2 companies intend to co-develop dApps where applicable and promote each other’s solutions. Among other things, the 2 companies also have the intention to work together to ensure an increased usage and value of their respective tokens.

“The strategic partnership between JoorsChain and MediaLink will definitely create shared value via exchanging complementary advantages in terms of technology, market and network. We are looking forward to solving current outstanding issues in the industry and setting up new standard together with JoorsChain” says Kevin Zhang, Co-founder of MediaLink.

“JoorsChain and MediaLink share a business logic regarding how to incentivize the end user to share information that is important in the digital advertisement space. MediaLink also has a strong focus on DRM and GDPR in this regard, which makes the intended cooperation even more exciting as these are important topics today and in the future” says Carl Aspenberg, CEO of JoorsChain.

About MediaLink
Media Link Foundation Limited, founded in 2018, aims at building a token-based, future-oriented, distributed media advertisement eco-system, which deeply merges traditional, especially offline, media and mobile internet media powered by the Blockchain technology, thereby making it possible to provide quantifiability and reliability to the traditional advertising scenarios. Media Link has already established several collaborations with World/China leading advertisement and media companies to jointly build the platform.

About JoorsChain
JoorsChain, founded in December 2017, is known for being founded by established companies in the mobile operator and ad tech space. These companies already have a significant existing user base in the digital advertising and mobile industry, which, through the JoorsChain platform (the ”JoorsChain Protocol”), will be migrated to blockchain technology based solutions. With its global reach it is well positioned for an easy technology rollout, disrupting the currently inefficient and fraud-plagued digital advertising industry.

Contact JoorsChain
Contact JoorsChain AG
Contact Person: Boris de Bruin
Phone: +31 6205 37 445
Country: Switzerland

Contact Media Link Foundation Limited
Contact Person: Kenn Kong
Country: Singapore