Making the Internet more affordable to the masses

There is little logic in charging the internet users for ads that are forcefully inserted into videos, blogs and social media platforms. For the fact that it may be unwelcoming or rather frustrating for the users to watch these ads as blackmail to access the desirable content but on top of it get billed additionally for the ads airtime. It is time that we address this and look to adopt the technology that opens up ways to make it fairer to the users. Joors ( and JoorsChain ( ) are combining technology with disruptive ideas to take initiatives for making internet more affordable to masses by improving the practices in digital marketing.

With the digital advertising industry booming, why is it still that the customers are being exploited and the advertisers are not able to materialise their ads investment effectively? The answer lies in the fact that the big market players like Google and Facebook are siphoning off all the money floating around, leaving the users and publishers scratching their hands. These giant companies have insulated their channels as it helps maintaining their oligopoly. Let us look at the downside of it, half of world’s population is still struggling to get internet access partly due to high data costs, the mobile companies are experiencing financial crunch as their profits are declining considerably year on year, thanks to the middlemen-dependent advertisement system.

The digital advertising needs access to more customers to cement its viability but charging customers for watching forced ads is not going to help the cause as it needs to be rather the other way round. Joors is a natural partner to the mobile operating companies and their customers as it offers them with solutions that make the internet more affordable and analytical intelligence driven. Using modern day technologies like IoT, Bigdata and data analytics along with BlockChain enabled solutions ensures that JoorsChain, a consortium of tech partners TalkPool, TrueChain and Starfish Mobile International, is all set to transform the digital advertising industry for the better.

Developing countries which are home to around 75% of the world’s population still have a large chunk of population with no internet access. Almost half of the world population-over three billion people-live on less than $2.50 a day. If digital marketing is anything that truly connects to the emerging middle class then it has to come through affordable internet. Joors proposes to launch applications that help users to monetise online ads viewing and entitle them for free or subsidised internet for equivalent data limit. “ With the help of end to end solutions, JoorsChain intends to create a system that eliminates frauds and commissions to the interfacing platforms, this will empower the Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and encourage them to make some sort of online traffic like Twitter, Wikipedia, PPV content, free. The end-users will only be charged for bulk data consumptions and all other applications will be run free of cost, enabling more than half of the world population to afford the internet costs” –says Carl Aspenberg, CEO of the company.

It is with this blend of innovation & technology that Joors attempts at breaking the current middlemen-centred approach of digital marketing and turning it into a Mobile operators and end-user benefiting approach. The implementation will not just add meaning to digital marketing besides opening new dimensions of its spectrum but also provide millions of users with free or subsidised internet to serve a humanitarian cause.