JoorsChain and its Partners expand though innovative partnership

Joors, a Swedish pioneer in mobile advertising, has recently partnered up with Telestax and its RestcommONE platform. The RestcommONE Marketplace gives JoorsChain - through Joors - a unique market platform to access hundreds of Mobile Operators through the RestcommONE Marketplace. The partnership is an important step for JoorsChain and its key contributers - Joors, TrueChain, TalkPool and Starfish Mobiel International - enabling them to induct cutting edge BlockChain technology into this industry.

JoorsChain uses distributed ledger to provide one to one solutions that eliminate middlemen and frauds, making the ad-tech system transparent and effective. The JoorsChain consortium promotes the use of Big Data, Analytics and other within the telecommunication and media domain to provide the advertisers, publisher and Mobile Network Providers (MNOs) with better ways of monetising their services and offering tailored plans to the customers. Thus, such partnerships prepare a roadmap for collective approach and are set to benefit the Mobile Network Operators and help in realising the true potential of digital marketing.