Joorschain – A new way to unleash latin america's internet market potential

All across Latin America internet access has accelerated and grown particularly quick since 2010. Driven by the increased mobile broadband and smartphone adoption (66,1% penetration compared to 51,9% in the rest of the world, by Dec-17)*, there is a heightened need of quality services and solutions that add value to every actor in the connected ecosystems of these emerging markets.

JoorsChain, a swedish Blockchain-based distributed platform for increased efficiency and transparency within the Mobile Advertising value chain created by Joors in a consortium with three other partners, offers an attractive solution to these demands. And now, through a partnership with regional business developer and technology integrator, PAiC, the JoorsChain ecosystem expands into Latin America and Sub-Saharan Africa.

We all know telecom operators need to bill for their services in order to be able to build up the networks catering to the ever-increasing demand for speed and availability. End users, specifically in developing countries, demand more and more easy-affordable access. In parallel, advertisers wants nothing more than to establish a close connection with mobile internet users.

Until now though, the value chain around these 2 massive industries continues to be challenged and prone to inefficiencies of all types, including lack of control and visibility to the investments of key actors. Important shares of value are not reaching system stakeholders i.e. the end-users, operators and advertisers. JoorsChain removes these obstacles, unleashing the true potential of these 2 major value chains, and securing a levelled playing field for the mobile advertising industry, which naturally merges telecom operators and advertisers.

Focusing on what is truly needed from this perspective, Joors’ solutions practically close the circle by granting brands a direct access channel to end users, while also collecting unfiltered feedback from potential customers with transparency, unmatched speed and unprecedented value in return. Read more at the company website-

PAiC, through its certified partnership with Telestax, becomes a valuable partner for Communications Service Providers as well as Application Developers in the Mobile Internet space. Through the RestcommONE Marketplace, Telestax offers a Communications Platform as a Service concept (CPaaS), which fits directly into the Joorschain ecosystem.

“We are thrilled to work together with Joors on this truly innovative concept, where the benefits of Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrency are being put into concrete use, offering benefits to all players in the advertising value chain. Telestax’s CPaaS concept brings considerable benefits in terms of time-to-market to JoorsChain’s integrations with telecom operators, and by adding PAiC’s active commercial connections and business development expertise to this succesfull technical partnership between Joors and Telestax, we can only anticipate a successful execution of our rich list of joint opportunities throughout Latin America and Africa”, says Celeo Arias, Chairman and founder of PAiC.

Joors, with a history in Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) services and sponsored data, is working rigorously for developing a transparent and value-based mobile advertising platform to support mobile operators and advertisers. Its initiative JoorsChain is a consortium with three other cutting-edge technology firms and intends to implement BlockChain-based end to end solutions, eliminating frauds and middlemen from the advertising industry.