JoorsChain announces Hotbit listing for JoorsCoin

26 Oct 2018

JoorsChain announces that its token, the JoorsCoin (JIC), will be listed on the Hotbit exchange. With the listing on the exchange, JoorsCoin will be available to the public, increasing liquidity of the currency.

JoorsCoin will serve as the currency within the JoorsChain decentralized ecosystem. Advertisers will use it to launch ad-campaigns, publishers receive it for publishing the ads, end-users can receive JoorsCoin for watching ads or sharing preferences and there are many more use cases that will guarantee a high demand in JoorsCoin.

“For JoorsChain the listing is a great step, it will allow the interested public to start trading the JoorsCoin and it will also help to spread the awareness about JoorsChain among new communities. Hotbit is a renowned trading platform, having the JoorsCoin listed there will set the stage for adoption among ad-viewers, publishers and advertisers.”, comments JoorsChain’s CEO Carl Aspenberg.

“We expect JoorsCoin to be a high-demand cryptocurrency and we are pleased to accommodate its trading and making it available to our customers.”, says the Hotbit business development team.

JoorsChain invites all interested individuals to make an account at Hotbit by following the link: here

Contact JoorsChain AG
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