Joors co-founds blockchain consortium to transform mobile Internet advertising

Joors, acting together with a group of industry partners including TrueChain and TalkPool, has formed JoorsChain, a consortium dedicated to developing a blockchain platform addressing the needs of telecom operators, media and adtech. Using the innovative application of blockchain technology, JoorsChain sets out on a mission to transform the mobile internet advertising industry. The platform will provide a highly efficient, transparent and secure channel for distributing commercial media content, including ads and sponsored apps, to mobile users, together with a mechanism for incentivizing consumers.

The JoorsChain platform, or ecosystem, can be explained as a four-party agreement between an Advertiser, a Publisher, a Mobile Network Operator and an Integrator. The ecosystem is designed for providing mobile data (or other means of payment) in exchange for viewing ads, sponsored apps or content on a mobile phone. A built-in token will trace user behavior and carry data required for payment settlement.

All data will be stored securely and signatures of data will be kept in the blockchain, immune to manipulation, transparent and shared by all involved parties. It will significantly decrease costs of fraud and records are maintained indefinitely. The solution addresses a digital advertising market exceeding USD 200 billion per year.

Joors will be a key stakeholder in the consortium, acting as main driver for sales and marketing. Joors will also perform specific development tasks connected to the establishment of the JoorsChain ecosystem. Furthermore, Joors will act as a validator in the blockchain.

Carl Aspenberg, CEO of Joors: “We are very excited about bringing this blockchain solution to the market for the benefit of consumers, publishers and ad buyers. The JoorsChain blockchain will be disruptive and change the way ad buyers interact with mobile operators and publishers, while effectively preventing fraud throughout the digital advertising value chain.

“The strategic partnership in JoorsChain is very important to TrueChain. As we are building the first permissionless public PBFT blockchain for commercial decentralized apps, we need partners to build real, high-performing Dapps on our infrastructure. We are very excited to take the challenge and build TrueChain together with our partners.” said Eric Zhang, Co-founder and CTO of TrueChain.

“Blockchain technology to our Internet-of-Things strategy; where we build upon our network and security expertise. Blockchain and decentralized applications, Dapps, are disruptive technologies which enable new, more efficient business models. This adds a new dimension to the Internet, where all sorts of transactions can be programmatic, secure and without intermediaries,” adds Stefan Lindgren, CTO of Talkpool.

For further information, visit or contact:

Carl Aspenberg, CEO, IntJoors Holding AB
Tel: +46 702 83 09 94

Stefan Lindgren, CTO Talkpool
Phone: +46 760 07 50 66

About IntJoors Holding AB
IntJoors Holding AB provides software solutions that enable mobile operators and media companies to leverage their existing infrastructure and consumer data. IntJoors Holding AB offers their solutions primarily in emerging and developing markets.

About TrueChain
TrueChain is developing a state of the art public blockchain for real commercial decentralized applications (“Dapps”). The blockchain is based on an improved PBFT consensus protocol that provides fast peer-to-peer communication, value transfer, and efficient smart contract infrastructure. TrueChain is currently focusing on the digital advertising industry Dapps, but is preparing for supporting all commercial Dapps.

About Talkpool
Talkpool provides IoT solutions and telecommunication network services globally. Through its cutting-edge technical expertise, long experience and agile business model, Talkpool offers global telecom vendors and operators high-quality services on short notice no matter the location. Moreover, Talkpool is one of few companies with actual solutions and contracts in place in the exciting IoT-market. Remium Nordic Holding AB is Talkpool’s Certified Advisor.