Joors announces customer for Digital Advertising solution

16 Nov 2018

Joors announces that La Prensa Gráfica (LPG), one of El Salvador’s largest publishers uses Joors’ Ad-viewing solution.

The service has already been available for the public in test mode, and during the coming weeks LPG and Joors plan to go live with the solution, which revolves around Joors’ model of ad-viewing in return for megabytes. The solution will be integrated in LPG’s news website as well as the sports website, allowing users to easily access. In addition, email campaigns are being programmed to reach target users.

“It is a unique model that will create a new data collection stream for LPG. At the same time, it has an incentive for users, which is an extra reason for them to stay with LPG.”, says Mats Palving, CEO of Joors, one of the founding partners of JoorsChain.

The way it works is that the user fills in a survey or watches and ad motivated by the opportunity to receive mobile data megabytes in return. In coming steps, plans include the introduction of a crypto currency incentive model as well, so instead of megabytes the user can alternatively receive JoorsCoin, JoorsChain’s cryptocurrency. This allows the solution even more flexibility, as not only megabytes, but other forms of e-commerce can be given as well, as exchange to cash.

“We see this as a brilliant offer to our customers, which allows us to collect user data. Our customers get the unique opportunity to get free megabytes, or in the future possibly JoorsCoin, for free.”, says Alvaro Sagrera, CTO of LPG.

For JoorsChain, LPG’s adoption of the Joors solution and their interest in the blockchained JoorsChain solution is a great step forward, it indicates that we are at the start of the first real revenues generating projects and we are very happy with the progress our founding partner Joors is making.”, says Carl Aspenberg, CEO of JoorsChain.

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