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JoorsChain - Digital advertising as it should be

Digital advertising turnover is expected to reach $237 billion in 2018 and grow to $335 billion in 2020. But the industry suffers from inefficiency and fraud which are reaping more than 50% of the returns from companies’ digital advertising investments, without providing any real value. Improving the efficiency of this 200+ BUSD market is the target of JoorsChain, through cutting edge blockchain technology and established, global partners.

As JoorsChain is already active in the industry since 10+ years, this is not about inventing new business and developing all new customers. It is merely about converting the exisiting systems to de-centralized blockchain solutions. Thus, JoorsChain already controls the usage uptake!

JoorsChain makes digital advertising more efficient

JoorsChain will redistribute a significant part of this 200+ BUSD business, today disappearing among middlemen and fraud, to advertisers, publishers, end-users and the owners of the JoorsCoin.
This will be done through creating a transparent, efficient and trustworthy digital advertising eco system based on blockchain. Clear benefits will be created for both businesses and end-users.

Businesses will get transparency on who captures the media dollar, a single source of campaign and delivery information for all parties, and intermediaries will get compensated according to value provided.

End-users will get control and monetization of their data. New business models with end-user incentives when interacting with ads will be created, and improved end-user privacy will be achieved.

Easy to get there - JoorsChain already controls the usage uptake!

JoorsChain does not have to invent and develop totally new business. The founding companies which build JoorsChain already have a large existing customer and end-user base and only de-centralizes the underlying technology to blockchain. JoorsChain will transfer its existing business, customers and end-users from centralized solutions to blockchain. Thus, the user base is there “from the start"!





  • 50M Ad-views

  • 200 countries

  • +1300 employees

  • Centralised Ad-tech



  • De-centralised Blockchain ad-tech

  • Same customers & end-user

Video with founders



Team build-up and high-level tech design



Develop first tech implementations



- Continued migration of existing business and users to blockchain

- Expansion of usage

The JoorsCoin


Symbol: JIC

Total amount of tokens: 800 million
Tokens up for sale: Up to 30%
Technical specifications:
ERC20 token, 18 decimals


30% sold to external investors
15% kept by JoorsChain AG for contingency
40% community incentives
15% founding team and personal incentives

Founding partners

The comms people

TalkPool provides IoT solutions and telecommunication network services globally. Talkpool was founded year 2000 and is listed on Nasdaq First North Stockholm. Headquarter is in Chur, Switzerland. Through its cutting-edge technical expertise, long experience and agile business model, TalkPool offers high-quality services on short notice no matter the location.

Ad-buying experts

A swedish pioneer in mobile advertising. Joors empowers mobile operators and media companies to monetize users by making Internet affordable through video ad serving and premium content. Joors will co-develop a JoorsChain client and also a service solution that
will help Advertisers, Publishers and MNOs to find each other and agree on terms to be codified in the smart contracts on the Joorschain.

The Ad platform

Wiget Media is a global digital performance agency with a variety of products such as a proprietary real time digital ad exchange (an RTB-exchange). The RTB compatible ad-platform is built in-house has fueled over 150 billion impressions/unique hits across the
globe over the past 6 years. Wiget Media has since 2008 worked with thousands of partners to drive performance to their advertisers and revenue to their publishers.

Brands and partners we work with

Our Roadmap

NOV 2017

Joorschain founded

2018 Q1

Team build-up and tech design

2018 Q2

- High-level tech architecture development
- Evaluation of underlying blockchains

2018 Q3

- Step-by-step transfer of existing business to blockchain solution
- Design of token, wallet and transfer contracts
- Start migration of adnetwork components to dApps


- First tech goes live
- Continued migration of existing business and users to blockchain solution
- Design add-on features as dApps


- Funding partners technology and users transfered to blockchain solution
- Additional functionality and new usage applications continuously added


23 Nov
Como isso pode ser melhorado na luta do setor de marketing digital para criar novos valores?

Joors anuncia que “La Prensa Gráfica” (LPG), uma das maiores editoriais de El Salvador, utiliza a solução de publicidade digital de Joors. O serviço já esteve disponível para o público em modo de prova, e durante as próximas semanas LPG e Joors planejam dar a solução em produção, que gira em torno do modelo oferecido por Joors de visualização de anúncios a câmbio de megabytes.

Media about us
29 Nov
Trijo News - Tech company aims to offer free internet to people in developing countries – with blockchain technology

Tech company aims to offer free internet to people in developing countries – with blockchain technology

Our publications
16 Nov
Joors announces customer for Digital Advertising solution
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09 Nov
JoorsCoin trade started on Hotbit.io cryptocurrency exchange
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08 Nov
How can the Digital Advertising's industrywide struggle to create new values be solved?


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The Team

Carl Aspenberg
Cecilie Chen
Stefan Lindgren
Stefan Arenbalk
Per Östberg
Soheil Amorpour
Armin Eftekhari
David Sandgren
Boris de Bruin
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