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JoorsChain - Digital advertising as it should be

Digital advertising turnover is expected to reach $237 billion in 2018 and grow to $335 billion in 2020. But the industry suffers from inefficiency and fraud which are reaping more than 50% of the returns from companies’ digital advertising investments, without providing any real value. Improving the efficiency of this 200+ BUSD market is the target of JoorsChain, through cutting edge blockchain technology and established, global partners.

As JoorsChain is already active in the industry since 10+ years, this is not about inventing new business and developing all new customers. It is merely about converting the exisiting systems to de-centralized blockchain solutions. Thus, JoorsChain already controls the usage uptake!

JoorsChain makes digital advertising more efficient

JoorsChain will redistribute a significant part of this 200+ BUSD business, today disappearing among middlemen and fraud, to advertisers, publishers, end-users and the owners of the JoorsCoin.
This will be done through creating a transparent, efficient and trustworthy digital advertising eco system based on blockchain. Clear benefits will be created for both businesses and end-users.

Businesses will get transparency on who captures the media dollar, a single source of campaign and delivery information for all parties, and intermediaries will get compensated according to value provided.

End-users will get control and monetization of their data. New business models with end-user incentives when interacting with ads will be created, and improved end-user privacy will be achieved.

Easy to get there - JoorsChain already controls the usage uptake!

JoorsChain does not have to invent and develop totally new business. The founding companies which build JoorsChain already have a large existing customer and end-user base and only de-centralizes the underlying technology to blockchain. JoorsChain will transfer its existing business, customers and end-users from centralized solutions to blockchain. Thus, the user base is there “from the start"!


- 50M Ad-views
- 200 countries
- +1300 employees
- Centralised Ad-tech



- De-centralised Blockchain ad-tech
- Same customers & end-user

Investment Stages

The fundraising is on-going, currently focusing on institutional and private investors. Contact us for more information



Team build-up and high-level tech design

In Progress


Develop first tech implementations

To Come


- Continued migration of existing business and users to blockchain

- Expansion of usage

The JoorsCoin


Symbol: JIC
Soft cap: 10 000 ETH
Hard cap: 15 000 ETH

Total amount of tokens: 800 million
Tokens up for sale: Up to 30%
Technical specifications:
ERC20 token, 18 decimals


30% sold to external investors
15% kept by JoorsChain AG for contingency
40% community incentives
15% founding team and personal incentives

Brands and partners we work with

Our Roadmap

NOV 2017

Joorschain founded

2018 Q1

Team build-up and tech design

2018 Q2

- High-level tech architecture development
- Evaluation of underlying blockchains

2018 Q3

- Step-by-step transfer of existing business to blockchain solution
- Design of token, wallet and transfer contracts
- Start migration of adnetwork components to dApps


- First tech goes live
- Continued migration of existing business and users to blockchain solution
- Design add-on features as dApps


- Funding partners technology and users transfered to blockchain solution
- Additional functionality and new usage applications continuously added

JoorsChain Media coverage

07 Aug
MediaLink and JoorsChain announce collaboration

MediaLink and JoorsChain have announced that they intend upon cooperating. The 2 companies intend to co-develop dApps where applicable and promote each other’s solutions.

27 Jul
Proton and JoorsChain announce collaboration

The two blockchain companies Proton and JoorsChain announce that they have the intend to enter in an extensive cooperation.

One of the aspects the companies intend to cooperate in is the joint development of blockchain based functionalities (e.g. dApps) in the ad tech space.

21 May
Europe’s largest blockchain event - Blockshow is coming!

This year Blockshow Europe will hold in Berlin at May 28-29, JoorsChain will attend to the event and we
are looking forward to meet you there!

14 May
JoorsChain will attend at BLOXPO 2018 in Stockholm!

AirDrop for BLOXPO!
BLOXPO is Europe’s largest blockchain conference and takes place in
Stockholm on May 17th 2018.

26 Mar
JoorsChain’s solution to the GDPR-BlockChain tussle

No one questions the effectiveness of the BlockChain as a future key technology component. But, recently proposed as a more stringent and prescriptive directive, GDPR which is set to be enforced from 25th May 2018 in EU, creates a paradox to the transparency and immutability signifying BlockChain ecosystems.

20 Mar
Making the Internet more affordable to the masses

With the digital advertising industry booming, why is it still that the customers are being exploited and the advertisers are not able to materialise their ads investment effectively?

10 Mar
Joorschain – A new way to unleash latin america's internet market potential

All across Latin America internet access has accelerated and grown particularly quick since 2010. Driven by the increased mobile broadband and smartphone adoption (66,1% penetration compared to 51,9% in the rest of the world, by Dec-17)*, there is a heightened need of quality services and solutions that add value to every actor in the connected ecosystems of these emerging markets.

23 Feb
JoorsChain and its Partners expand through innovative partnership

Joors, a Swedish pioneer in mobile advertising, has recently partnered up with Telestax and its RestcommONE platform. The RestcommONE Marketplace gives JoorsChain – through Joors – a unique market platform to access hundreds of Mobile Operators through the RestcommONE Marketplace.

23 Feb
The Enigma of the African Ad Market

Connecting with a large population base is a common strategy to ensure the success of
marketing campaigns.

21 Feb
Mobile Internet — In Desperate Need of New Revenue Sources

The rising data consumption on the mobile internet presents a phenomenal opportunity for the digital marketing industry.

13 Feb
Digital Advertising: A Broken System

The digital advertising industry is growing rapidly. Research firm Magna expects spending to grow by 13% to $237 billion in 2018

02 Feb
Joors co-founds blockchain consortium to transform mobile Internet advertising

Joors, acting together with a group of industry partners including TrueChain and TalkPool, has formed JoorsChain, a consortium dedicated to developing a blockchain platform addressing the needs of telecom operators, media and adtech.

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